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09-22 Ford F150/ 17-22 Ford F250/350 SuperCrew (4) 8s
  • 09-22 Ford F150/ 17-22 Ford F250/350 SuperCrew (4) 8s


    09-22 Ford F150/ 17-22 Ford F250/350 SuperCrew (4) 8s Underseat Subwoofer Box 

    Built to fit the above listed vehicle. Designed to fit a wide array of woofers. with 2.8 cuft after all Displacement this will work with even the big woofers! Tuned at 33hz to help low end performance of even smaller woofers! Your woofers and ears will never be happier. Built with 3/4” Cabinet Grade Plywood, single layer walls, double layer baffle, with interior bracing. Finished with Black Bedliner for a Clean yet DURABLE finish. These Enclosures are far from a prefab and are all hand crafted



    Outside Dimensions- 11"front height X 8" rear height X 54" width X 14”depth

    Tuning- 33hz

    Volume- 2.8cuft after displacement

    Construction- 3/4” Cabinet Grade Plywood

    Baffle Thickness- 1.5"

    Terminal Type- CustomLowz 1 Channel Heavy Duty Speaker Terminal (Grade 8) (1/2" Plexi Smoked) (Round)

    Outside Finish- Black Bedliner

    Inside Finish- Bare Wood

    Maximum woofer mounting depth: 10 ”

    Subwoofer Cutout- Outer cutout/flush mount: 8. 3/4"  Inside cutout: 7 3/8"

    Common Qestions and answers 

    Q: Will my subs fit this box?

    A: Use your subwoofer specs compared to box specs to verify. Make sure to check for Inside cutout, outside cutout, and mounting depth.


    Q: Is there enough air space for my subwoofers in this box?

    A: These Subwoofer Boxes utilize what is known as a "common chamber". In the simplest terms what this does is allow you to use multiple woofers that would need a combined air space greater then that of the box yours using them in while still maintaing proper air space for your woofers and their performance. Example; Your common 8" subwoofer will require .5-1 cuft of space "per woofer" in theory your box would need to be 2-4 cuft total. But because of the common chamber in the box you can still get optimal performance with a box that only have 2.8cuft. Each individual woofer will use the combined air space rather then use the space individually. Simply, your woofers wont know the difference. 

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