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Shipping/handling is FREE through Fedex. All shipments are sent standard ground/economy. Handling time for order is 3-7 business days. Shipping time will vary based on purchaser location and/or shipping company times/or delays. Every order is shipped with signature required to verify purchaser received product/item/s. If purchasers misses delivery causing shipments return to CustomLowz purchaser will be responsible for cost of shipment back. Items damaged during shipment will be replaced by CustomLowz. Purchaser can choose one of the following in case of shipment damage. 1. Purchaser can return damaged product/items and pay for the return shipping cost of damaged item/product to CustomLowz. CustomLowz will cover shipping cost of replacement product. 2. Purchaser can keep damaged item/product and pay for shipping costs of replacement product. Damages from shipping include but are not limited to cracks, dents, scratches, breaks, or total destruction of product. We are not responsible for delays caused by shipping companies.

Updated 2/3/22

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