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Refunds available for product/s purchased when/if the following occur. Some cases only apply to specific items. 1- Item/s received not as expected based on website description and/or product representation on website. Including satisfactory craftsmanship of product, or quality of materials used. Does not include purchaser lack of understanding of products form/function/size/type/or any other details clearly listed in items description on website. 2- Item/s listed lead time/build time/processing time has been surpassed by double what is listed for specific product . Item wait times vary per product and we are not responsible for misunderstanding of clearly listed wait times. 3- All refunds/ except for of digital products are subject to a 15% restocking fee. 4- Refunds on Built to order items are subject to an additional 5% purchased materials fee. No refund will be giving on custom orders, or built to order items after the production process has begun unless the above following apply. Refunds will not be given for any of the following situation. 1. Shipping delays caused by shipping company. 2. Custom items/product that don't fit correctly in cases where purchaser was required to supply specs/measurements. 3. Item was damaged by purchaser. 4. In cases of Subwoofer boxes/enclosures no refund will be given if woofers were mounted into boxes/enclosure or any other holes product did not come standard with are added or caused by purchaser. 5. Items damaged in return shipping based on purchasers mistake/negligence in correctly repackaging product to be returned. 6. Digital products will not be refunded once sent.

updated 2/3/22

Refund Policy

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