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Ported Subwoofer Box Plans
  • Custom Ported Subwoofer Box Plans (advanced)


    Our custom ported subwoofer box plans are designed to maximize the performance and impact of your subwoofer, delivering deep, powerful bass that will take your car audio system to the next level. These advanced designs are for the more experienced DIY crowd, offering a range of design options that may require more skill to construct than our standard designs. Each plan is customized to fit your specific subwoofer, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. Whether you're a seasoned audio enthusiast or a professional installer, our custom ported subwoofer box plans will help you achieve the perfect sound for your vehicle. Don't settle for a generic, off-the-shelf subwoofer box – maximize the potential of your system with our advanced custom ported designs.


    Included- Downloadable Zip File

    Multiple 3-D Rendering Images Specs sheet W/ Subwoofer and Enclosure Specs Professional Optimized Cut Sheet W/Parts List


    **Please be aware the port style you have choosen may not work with the other perameters of the enclosure you are needing. I will choose the next best option in cases where selected port will not be optimal to the design**

      PriceFrom $55.00
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