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Custom Ported Subwoofer Box Plans (advanced)
  • Custom Ported Subwoofer Box Plans (advanced)

    Custom Subwoofer Box Plans

    1-5 Business days wait time (as of 8/21/23)

    These advanced designs are for the more experienced DIY crowd. Because of the available design options these designs may require more skill to construct than out standard designs


    The subwoofer box is the most important part to making sure you get the most from your system. Its the heart of the build! Tackle your DIY project with confidence that you are doing it right!


    Every design is done specifically for your application. Guarenteed to out perfrom your prefab! Custom designs are the ONLY way to go!


    These Custom Enclosure Designs make building a breeze.


    Included- Downloadable Zip File

    Multiple 3-D Rendering Images Specs sheet W/ Subwoofer and Enclosure Specs Professional Optimized Cut Sheet W/Parts List


    **Please be aware the port style you have choosen may not work with the other perameters of the enclosure you are needing. I will choose the next best option in cases where selected port will not be optimal to the design**

      PriceFrom $70.00
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