2007.5-2018 Chevy/GMC Crew Cab Underseat
Enclosures are built to fit the above listed vehicle. Designed to fit a wide array of woofers. with 2.8 cuft after all Displacement this will work with even the big woofers! Tuned at 33hz to help low end performance of even smaller woofers! Your woofers and ears will never be happier. Built with 3/4” Cabinet Grade Plywood, single layer walls, double layer baffle, with interior bracing. Finished with Black Bedliner for a Clean yet DURABLE finish. These Enclosures are far from a prefab and are all hand crafted
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Outside Dimensions- 11"front height X 8" rear height X 54" width X 14"depth
Tuning- 33.5hz
Volume- 2.8cuft after displacement
Construction- 3/4” Cabinet Grade Plywood
Baffle Thickness- 1.5"
Terminal Type- SMD 1 Channel Heavy Duty Speaker Terminal (Grade 8) (3/4" PVC Black) (Round)
Outside Finish- Black Bedliner
Inside Finish- Bare Wood
Maximum woofer mounting depth: 8.5”
Subwoofer Cutout- Outer Diameter: 8 7/8" Inside Diameter: 7 1/2"
Woofer Fitment- I reccomend using any 8" woofer with an inside diameter of atleast 7.25" and no bigger than 7.5"

(4) 8" 2007.5-2018 Chevy/GMC Crew Cab Subwoofer box

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