DTX 2.4S

TARAMPS Digital Crossover Model # DTX 2.4S

Brand New


4 Ways


FILTERS:  By DSP 24 bits/48KHz (-24dB/Oct) - 4th order (Butterworth)

LOW: (L&R) 

Cutoff Freq (HPF)  9 Presets 20Hz to 60Hz

Cutoff Freq (LPF)  19 presets from 60Hz to 500Hz



Cutoff Freq (HPF) 11 presets from 60Hz to 200 Hz

Cutoff Freq (LPF) 25 presets from 200Hz to 3KHz



Cutoff Freq (HPF) 21 presets from 200Hz to 2KHz

Cutoff Freq (LPF) 9 presets from 5KHz to 12KHz



Cutoff Freq (HPF) 17 presets from 2KHz to 12KHz


Input Impedance: 18K Ohms

Output Impedance: 470 OHMS


Max input level L/R: 4.0 V RMS @ (+14 dB)

Max Output level L/R:  4.0 V RMS @ (+14 dB)


Frequency Response:  20Hz to 23KHz (-3 dB)


Signal to Noise  >90 dB

Crosstalk (separation between channels): >80 dB


Input Impedance:  10K OHMS


Supply Voltage:  10 to 16 VDC


Nominal Consumption:  0.50 A @ 12.6 VDC


Protection Systems:  Reverse polarity and Short circuit in power supply input.


DIMENSIONS:  248 x 42 x 135 MM


Weight:  0.69 Kg

DTX 2.4S