The m3 8 is an 8" long X-Max subwoofer. Long hours in the R&D department is what it took to develop the newest version of our 8" subwoofer.

We designed a tall roll stitched surround, oversized spiders, and a tall cast frame that allows for extreme amounts of cone travel. All of these newly designed parts allow for lower frequency reproduction.

The bolted down spaced spider design keeps it all linear. The m3 8 uses a gap cooled design to allow the 2" copper coil to thermally take more power than other 2" coil motors with the traditional pole venting.

Sub Size 8"
Mounting Depth 5.75"
Mounting Hole Diameter 7.25"
Outside Driver Diameter 8.5"
Weight 18 lbs
VC Diameter 2"
Displacement .1³ ft
Magnet Weight 15 lbs
Power Handling RMS/Peak 600/1200
Impedance (Ohm) D2/D4
Sd 201.93cm²
Vas 7.3L
Cms 0.135 mm/n
Mms 150.66 g
Fs 35.3Hz
BL 17.9 N/A
Re 6.28 Ohm
Le 5 mH
Qms 6.68
Qes 0.66
Qts 0.601
Xmax 18mm
Ref SPL @ 1 watt 78.7
Suggested Sealed  
Suggested Ported  .75³ ft

DC Audio Level 2 8"