Designed for bassheads! Built for bassheads!
These Enclosure willl be at your door in less than 4 weeks! These are all Built to order so please be aware there is a build time. Designed to work great with "most" 10" subwoofers with the goals of output and low end extention!  Constructed from High Quality Poplar plywood making them lighter and more durable than the standard "pre fab". Built with a High Effeciency KERF PORT to reduce unwated port noise. Braced with 45s in each corner for extra rigidity and a double layer 1.5" baffle for extra strength. 

I reccomend you do not use any woofer that is over 65LBS. (Custom Enclosures can be ordered for larger woofers) I also reccomend not running more then 3K watts of power to any woofer in this enclosure. Please be aware that your lifetime warrenty will not be honroed if you do not follow the above suggestions. 


Enclosure Dimensions- 12" High x 28" Wide x 14" Deep 
Enclosure Tuning- 31.84HZ
Maximum Mounting Depth- 10"
Woofer hole cut custom for your woofer! 
Outside Finish- Bare Wood 
Inside Finish- Bare Wood 

CustomLowz Single 10" Ported LOW FABZ