Pictures are for EXAMPLE purposes ONLY! 

Custom 4th Order Enclosure Designs 

These are CutSheet designs for DIY people! Each Desing comes with Multiple 3-D Rendering views, Woofers specs, Enclosure specs, and cut sheet!


Designs made to fit your specific Woofer, vehicle, and listening preferences. 


Designs take up to 3-4 days to recieve. They will be sent to the email you choose. We can also include a 3-d Rendering file that can be opened using 2007 Google Skethcup which can be downloaded from good for free. Design file with Needed specs, cut list, and rendering pictures with can be opened on Microsoft Word, or Open office which can be downloand off google for free. 


Design will provide you with-

Enclosure Specs

Woofer Specs

Detailed Cut List of all Parts 

Optimized Cut Sheet w/ Layout

Multiple Views of 3-d Enclosure Rendering

Custom 4th Order Enclosure Design

Port Style
Number Of Baffle Layers (where the woofer mounts)
Plexiglass Window
Extra Kerfs
  • No refunds on Desings for any reason!