The Evolution of the M Series:


The M1 started the line in 2008. Since then there have been 6 revisions of the design, leading us to the M16. Preceded by the M15R, the bar was set pretty high to begin with. We set out to outperform our most successful design, which was no easy task. These amplifiers set multiple world records and have secured championships all over the world, this project was taken on with an immense sense of responsibility. These amplifiers are not meant to be the most powerful on the market, they are more of a statement of quality both in design and in performance and reliability. Sourced from all over the world and not accepting anything other than the best they boast amazing power ratings but offer a sense of pride in ownership rarely seen in this era. Unique features combined with proprietary designs will keep them ahead of the game, offering an advantage which will show the true value of the product.  We completely redesigned the PCB, thickening it and maximizing rigidity to hold up better to the strain of being in a performance audio vehicle. Each component is glued and secured properly to help prevent premature failures due to high vibration. Heat is also the enemy of performance audio amplifiers, so we have implemented a push pull fan system that meets the task of keeping these components properly cooled. It’s voltage capability has been set in line with the zero series and can operate from 12 volts to 17.5 volts without issue.


Overall this amplifier is unique in its class and offers performance and reliability for years to come.


Continuous output power (RMS)


                                                                  14.4 v < 1% THD                     16 v < 1% THD                                               

OUTPUT POWER @ 4 Ω                                      6,500 W                                  7,500 W                                                                 

OUTPUT POWER @ 2 Ω:                                      12,000 W                                13,000 W

OUTPUT POWER @ 1 Ω:                                      16,000  W                               18,000 W


Dynamic Rated Power – Music/SPL Burp


OUTPUT POWER @ 1 Ω:         24,000 Watts

OUTPUT POWER @ .5 Ω:         28,000 Watts

B2 Audio M16 Great White