07-21 Ford F150 Crew Cab Underseat

3-5 Week Build Time

Please be aware that what you are ordering is a Hand Built, Custom made product. Each product is built to order and specifically designed for your needs. While CustomLowz may look from the outside to be a large company, we are actually a Very small 1 person ran company. Your order is designed, built,finished, and shipped by Me, the Owner. I do my very best to insure the accuracy of any given lead time, but please remember that your order may take longer than listed wait time. Built to the HIGHEST quality standard we will never put quick over quality. The BEST things take time.


Enclosures are built to fit the above listed vehicle. Built with 3/4” Cabinet Grade Plywood, single layer walls, double layer baffle, with interior bracing where needed. Finished with Black Bedliner for a Clean yet DURABLE finish. If you would like to makes changes to the enclosure such as Exterior Finish, Interior Finish, Adding Windows, Or LEDS please make sure to add those items to your cart with the enclosure. Subwoofer configuration will be Woofers facing to the front with the ports on the sides. (unless stated otherwise). Port Shape/Size will vary from enclosure to enclosure. Every enclosure is built to the woofers your using to insure the best performance. These Enclosures are far from a prefab and are all hand crafted for each customer.


Outside Dimensions- Will vary Depending on Subwoofer Configuration. Some Enclosure require a 2.5" Seat Lift to be installed. 

Tuning- Woofer Specific

Construction- 3/4” Cabinet Grade Playwood

Baffle Thickness- 1.5"

Terminal Type- SMD 1 Channel Heavy Duty Speaker Terminal (Grade 8) (3/4" PVC Black) (Round)

Outside Finish- Black Bedliner

Inside Finish- Bare Wood




These do not come with seat lifts. If your enclsoure requires a seat lift plase CLICK HERE. This is the website I personally reccomend and have used for seat lifts. 

2009-2022 Ford F150 Super Crew Cab Underseat

PriceFrom $750.00