(2) Sundown Audio E Series 12"  Subwoofer Box

Subwoofer Box Built for the Below Listed woofers. Designed to optimize the performance of your  woofers. Built to last with quality in mind. These will outperform the standard prefab in sound and durability. 

(2) Sundown Audio E Series 12"  Subwoofer Box

Outside Dimensions- 14H x 33W x 22H

Tuning- 34Hz

Net Volume-     3.10 cuft

Construction- 3/4” Birch

Baffle Thickness- 1.5"

Terminal Type- SMD 1 Channel Heavy Duty Speaker Terminal (Grade 8) (3/4" PVC Black) (Round)

Outside Finish- Bare Wood or Bedliner

Inside Finish- Bare Wood


Enclosure is Based on Reccomended Manufature Specs

*May work for other 15" woofers, user caution advised*


2 Sundown Audio E Series 12" Subwoofer Box Sub Up Port Forward