Subwoofer Box Built for (2) 12" Woofers! Finished with a Durable Black Bedliner Finish on the outside! Two Plexiglass windows on the front giving a view of the clean White Bedliner Finish and your woofers motors! Lit with MultiColor Leds controlled by a 44 Key Remote. Tuned at 33hz using a StackFabed Aero Port! Triple Layer Baffle with a flush mount for a Solid mounting surface. This Is a HEAVY duty box! Ready to handle WHATEVER!


Dimensions- 18"H x 36"W x 24"D

Construction- Cabinet Grade Plywood

Tuning- 33HZ

Net Volume- (after sub displacement) 4.71cuft 

Inner Cutout- 11 1/8"

Outer Cutout(Flush Mount)- 12 13/16"

Outside Finish- Black Bedliner

Inside Finish- White Bedliner 


Common Qestions and answers 

Q: Will my subs fit this box?

A: Use your subwoofer specs compared to box specs to verify. Make sure to check for Inside cutout, outside cutout, and mounting depth.


    (2) 12s Subwoofer Box! w/ Plexiglass Windows and LIGHTS!