2 12" Kerf Subwoofer Box



Outside Dimensions- 17”H x 38”W x 28”D

Tuning- 32Hz Kerf Ported

Net Volume- 3.98 cuft after all displacement

Construction- 3/4” Cabinet Grade Plywood

Baffle Thickness- 2.25” (1.5” mounting, .75 flush mount)

Terminal Type- SMD 1 Channel Heavy Duty Speaker Terminal (Grade 8) (3/4" PVC Black) (Round)

Outside Finish- Black Bedliner

Inside Finish- Bare Wood


Woofer Cut Out

Inside Diameter- 11.25"

Outside Diameter- 12.8750

Woofer Fitment Guild: any woofer that will fit

(11.125”-11.25” mounting hole size) (no bigger than 12.8750 flush mount)


Sundown Audio E Series 12"

Sundown Audio Sa Classic 12"

Sundown Audio X Series 12"

Sundown Audio ZV4 12"

Sundown Audio ZV5 12"

Sundown Audio NSV3 12"

Sundown Audio NSV4 12"

Sundown Audio Team Series 12"


Skar Audio DDX 12"

Skar Audio SDR 12"

Skar Audio EVL 12"

Skar Audio VXF 12"

Skar Audio ZVX 12"


Incriminator Audio Warden R4 12"

Incriminator Audio Judge R2 12"

Incriminator Audio Death Penalty R7 12"


Machete MF-12R 12"

Deaf Bonce Apocalypse DB-3012R 12"

Deaf Bonce Apocalypse DB-3512 12"


B2 Audio Riot 12" 


Dc Audio LVL 5 12"

(2) 12" Kerf Subwoofer Box - READY TO SHIP

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