read before ordering custom enclosures

        Every Subwoofer Enclosure is design and built to be optimized for your woofer, vehicle, and personal preferences. 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Backed with a lifetime warranty covering quality of materials being used and craftsmanship/construction. Not only will they LOOK and SOUND better, they will last LONGER. Designed, Constructed, Finished, and Shipped by the owner means you get the best quality EVERY TIME!

        Please be aware that the average wait time is a MINIMUM(meaning- no less than, no smaller than, no shorter than)3-5 months and could be even longer. True quality takes time. Please understand that these enclosure are not your average! These are SHOW QUALITY, 1 OF 1 Custom Creations. Hand Crafted from start to finish to be the BEST they can be. NO Corners are ever cut in the process. Please also be aware that there are **NO REFUNDS** for any reason on your deposit. Before ordering please be sure to fully read and understand the above statements. There is NO exceptions to the above outlined statements.